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Friday, June 30, 2006 | New media | BBC broadband popularity soars during World Cup | New media | BBC broadband popularity soars during World Cup: "BBC broadband popularity soars during World Cup

Mark Sweney
Thursday June 29, 2006

The BBC has received more than 1.7m requests to watch matches over its broadband service in the first two weeks of the World Cup, with weekday games while fans are at work proving the most popular viewing time.

Germany v Costa Rica, the opening World Cup match at 5pm on June 9, has been the most popular so far with BBC broadband users, attracting 153,909 requests.

The broadband viewing figures, measured up until the end of the group stage of the World Cup last Friday, means that each match averaged 75,157 successful requests across the 23 games shown on the BBC.

Other games with more than 100,000 requests include England v Paraguay, Serbia & Montenegro v Holland and USA v Czech Republic.

The figures are likely to arouse the interest of the TV Licensing agency. Earlier this month, a spokeswoman for the agency, which is operated by London congestion charge firm Capita, said it would be 'ringing on the doors' of companies it suspected did not have a TV licence during the World Cup.

If caught without a licence, firms could face a fine of up to £1,000."


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